Best Keno Online Kenyan-Friendly Casinos

Keno is one of the most popular games in offline and online casinos in Kenya and around the rest of the world. Its special blend of elements of Bingo, Roulette and Poker make it completely irresistible. The roots of the game may be found in Ancient China, but it has blossomed all over the world. To learn more about the game before trying it yourself, read through our guidelines here.

Basic Keno Principles

When you play this lottery-like game, you need to choose numbers from a pool of eighty. Numbers are then officially drawn, and you are rewarded if they match the ones you picked. In live casinos, balls displaying numbers were drawn, but in the online casinos in Kenya the combinations are created using Random Number Generation. When all of the winning numbers are displayed, payouts are made. These are calculated according to how many of your selected numbers were drawn or generated, and how much you bet.

The house edge and specific game rules tend to vary from casino to casino, and no two Keno games are the same. Playing online is often even better than playing offline, because it is much cheaper and pays out much more. We highly recommend investing some time in exploring and finding your own personal favourite versions in the online Kenyan casinos that we review.

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Advanced Hints and Tips

The game is very rooted in chance, and most of the enjoyment in playing comes from the excitement of betting and anticipating big winnings rather than shrewd strategy. Payouts are indeed very rewarding, but the number pool is so large that they are quite rare. There are certain things that can help tip the odds in your favour, so we advise learning and applying these to every Keno game you play in online Kenyan casinos.

First of all, make sure that you always bet as much as you are allowed to. While this doesn’t decrease the house edge, it will really boost your payouts when you do win. You also need to know what not to do, and should avoid the bad advice and suggested false strategies that abound online and make big but empty promises. For example, many players follow the suggestion to buy multiple tickets in order to select more numbers when this actually does nothing to increase your winning chances, because payouts are based on the numbers you have on each separate ticket.

Many players are also seduced by the concept of analysing numbers when deciding which to pick, but this is also a falsehood. Keno is totally random, and the numbers that are generated or drawn do not form any pattern. What came up in the past does not influence what will come up in the future, and while some sites might suggest certain numbers are about to hit or be drawn, those who follow this advice are usually bitterly disappointed.

Play Online Keno and Win

For anyone looking to enjoy the thrills of gambling without taking on too much risk, Keno is an ideal solution. To discover more about the pleasures of the game for yourself, try it out at one of our recommended online Kenyan casinos today.